Calling all SOC Warriors: Announcing The 2021 Exabeam Cybersecurity Excellence Awards! - Exabeam

Calling all SOC Warriors: Announcing The 2021 Exabeam Cybersecurity Excellence Awards!

July 30, 2021


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Awards season has kicked off at Exabeam and we’re so excited to announce that nominations for the 2021 Exabeam Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are open. With a slightly different look this year, the awards are a staple at our annual user conference taking place October 4-6, Spotlight21. Previous winners include United Airlines, Maxar Technologies, Woodforest National Bank and GM who showcased industry-leading innovation in their security operations and across their organizations. 

The 2021 Exabeam Cybersecurity Excellence Awards recognize top Exabeam customers that distinguish themselves through leadership and innovation in cybersecurity. If you know someone you think of as a SOC Warrior or a CISO Innovator, put them forward for an award. How about a cybersecurity team that’s setting an example for what a state-of-the-art SOC should be? Nominate your peers, or yourself, here. Nominations are accepted through August 31, 2021.

This year’s winners will be chosen in the following categories:

SecOps Vanguards

This award goes to a stand-out SecOps team that is at the forefront of strategy, security technology, and implementation. This team exemplifies true team spirit and showcases excellence in how they run their security operations center. The SecOps Vanguards award recognizes the team that has gone above and beyond basic security best practices to fortify their organization’s defenses in outstanding ways. They lead with vision, bringing executives and their entire organization along to understand that security is much more than just securing IT.  This SecOps Vanguard team understands that securing the entire organization can be achieved through an enablement mindset. This winning team will also have used Exabeam to its fullest capabilities, quickly turning Level 1 analysts into Level 3 Threat Hunters.

CISO Innovator

This award goes to a CISO who excels as both a security and business leader. Through business-wide partnerships and cybersecurity education, this individual continues to innovate year over year to lead their organization’s cybersecurity operations and improve their security posture. This CISO Innovator is trusted by other industry leaders for advice and understands the importance of sharing knowledge with the broader cybersecurity community. This CISO and their team also use Exabeam Fusion XDR and/or Exabeam Fusion SIEM products to their fullest capabilities to understand normal versus abnormal behavior in their environments.

SOC Warrior

The SOC Warrior award goes to an outstanding security engineer or security analyst on the front lines of defense at their organization, who contributes above and beyond each and every day. This SOC Warrior  stops at nothing to ensure their organization is protected at all times from adversaries. They are in the know about Exabeam and all other top solutions used in their SOC, and are successfully able to translate their knowledge to business, technology, and security leaders as well as their peers. 

Community Champion

The Community Champion goes out of their way to engage with the Exabeam Customer Community to share wisdom and advice, answer questions, and serve as a helpful and supportive resource to peers time and time again.

The Mick Jenkins Leadership Award

Prior to becoming the CISO at Brunel University London, Mick Jenkins served in the Defence Intelligence branch of the British Armed Forces for 28 years, shared his cybersecurity expertise with the 2012 London Olympics leaders and for many years, advised the European Defence Agency. This aptly-named award recognizes the contributions of cybersecurity leaders who, like Mick Jenkins, share their experience beyond the perimeter of the business. These leaders actively educate others through published work, teaching and volunteering their time, ultimately impacting cybersecurity, and humanity, on a global scale. 

Submit your nomination today!

The 2021 Exabeam Cybersecurity Excellence Awards will be presented at Spotlight21.


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