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The New CISO Podcast Episode 45: Don’t Aspire to be a CISO

On this episode, Steve speaks with Dr. Rebecca Wynn, about the positive impact leaders can have on the mental health of their team members, why she believes CISOs are changing jobs more frequently and why a title alone isn’t something you should aspire to.

CISO vs. Status Quo

When someone says they need a CISO, do they actually mean someone to maintain the status quo, a Chief Information Scapegoat Officer or someone to run a relevant cybersecurity program? What needs to change for people to really understand what the role means, and what it takes to be successful?

Rebecca and Steve also tackle topics like:

  • Listening to understand
  • Giving yourself the space to learn, and realizing that it’s a lifetime pursuit
  • Giving people a voice, and empowering them to use it

More about Rebecca Wynn

Named 2017 Cybersecurity Professional of the Year – Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) SC Magazine, Global Privacy and Security by Design (GPSbyDesign) International Council Member, and Women in Technology Business Role Model of the Year 2018 – Dr. Rebecca Wynn is lauded as a “game-changer who is ten steps ahead in developing and enforcing cybersecurity and privacy best practices and policies.” She is a “big picture” thinker who brings nearly 20 years of experience in Information Security, Assurance & Technology.

Recently she led the information security, privacy, and compliance pre-acquisition, acquisition and post-acquisition of LearnVest, Inc. to Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company – a Fortune 100 company. She is well known for being a gifted polymath, having deep understanding of current cybersecurity challenges and privacy issues. She has a proven track record of taking companies to the next level of excellence in many sectors including government, financial services, fintech, healthcare, information technology, legal, semiconductors, and retail.

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