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The New CISO Podcast Episode 42: Influencing and Informing Non-Technical Business Partners on Security Issues

On this episode, Steve speaks with Curtis Simpson, CISO at Armis. The two talk shop around the pros and cons of starting your career in small vs large organizations, influencing and informing other business partners from a security perspective, and why he believes the CISO shouldn’t report to the CIO.

Transparency Within the Industry

When asked what irks him about the cybersecurity industry, Curtis notes the lack of transparency. Companies are rarely focused on the right thing because they are rarely honest about what they do and don’t know. This has been a cultural norm, one that the industry must continue to disrupt. While the transparency has improved, there are still individuals in the industry that are guarded in their conversations.

Curtis and Steve also tackle topics like:

  • Starting your career at a smaller company
  • The balance of technology and politics
  • Tips for starting off smaller and building a career from there
  • The relationship between the CISO and CIO

More about Curtis Simpson

As the CISO at Armis, Simpson is responsible for ensuring that the Armis product continues to maintain its high standard and vigilant focus on platform and customer security and privacy. Prior to Armis, he was the CISO at Sysco, a Fortune 54 corporation. As Vice President and Global CISO at Sysco, Curtis directed a portfolio of innovative and effective, business-focused security and compliance programs responsible for reducing security risks faced by a global organization.

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