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The New CISO Podcast Episode 41: How Do Leaders Cultivate Diversity of Thought?

On this episode, Steve speaks with Artie Wilkowsy, CISO at Dish Network, about why he thinks a broader understanding of security could be more beneficial than specialization early on in your career, and how giving each member of your team a stake in the decision-making process cultivates diversity of thought.

Automation and Budgeting

Artie shares how sometimes security and IT are not necessarily given the budget they need in order to excel; but adds that an unintended benefit of this is that CISOs or others who work in security are forced to apply some creativity with their coding. Out of this creativity he sees how automation has strengthened overall security.

Steve and Artie also hit on topics like:

  • The skills you develop and sometimes ditch
  • Specialization vs generalization
  • The responsibilities that come with growth
  • Exerting influence as a leader
  • Hiring policies and,
  • How to approach delegation of duties

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