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The New CISO Podcast Episode 39: The Moments After a Major Breach

What mechanisms do effective security teams have in place in the event of a breach? How do you communicate that one has happened? On this episode, Steve speaks with Dave Damato, CSO of Gemini, about all the cogs that start turning once a breach has been detected. Dave and Steve even do a roleplay of how an organization could respond publicly.

When is a Breach over?

In his experience, Dave suggests that it takes 2-4 years for the company to completely return to normal. For the first year, the team must manage the crisis. The second year is spent instrumenting new systems and getting used to them. However, the memory can last as long as litigation is involved.

Dave and Steve also hit on topics like:

  • The planning that goes into an incident response plan
  • Branding and communication around security incidents
  • Evolving control mechanisms and,
  • Remediation

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