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The New CISO Podcast Episode 36: Are Hiring Policies Driving the Cybersecurity Skills Shortage?

On this show, Steve speaks with Steve Marshall, CISO for Bytes Software Services, about why he moved from Biophysics to InfoSec and how business decisions drive risk.

How can security teams anticipate risks generated through business decisions and where a CISO can better connect with the board to meet those emerging risks head on?

Reaching Across the Aisle

Steve M explains why understanding different teams is imperative for business decisions, internal support, and collaboration. Stressing that the key is listening, he attends different meetings across different fields within the company to have a better idea of what each team is working on and what their needs are. Listen in to hear how connecting with other leaders outside of your department makes you and your organization stronger.

The two also tackle topics like:

  • What qualifies as a “good CISO”
  • How some hiring policies might overlook talented recruits
  • Diversity in hiring and,
  • Who ultimately owns risk

More about Steve Marshall

Steve is a world class consultant and business executive that has focused on high profile projects for the government and leading commercial organisations. Steve specialises in business consulting, payments, compliance, data privacy, breach clean-up, enterprise architecture, assurance, corporate / information security, security restructures and risk in sector leading organisations across many business verticals and markets. A balance of technical excellence and keen business acumen enables Steve to provide cost effective and robust strategies.

Steve’s early career focused on system and network administration / engineering / security on high throughput transactional platforms, video content delivery, high profile websites and hosting infrastructure. Steve then moved into management and senior management within several system integrators and consulting companies. Having developed several practices in the UK and worked for many companies and organisations, Steve moved to Bytes with his team to provide leading audit, advisory, and assurance services globally.

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