The New CISO Podcast - Episode 33 | Exabeam

The New CISO Podcast Episode 33: Managing Risk While Building Trust in a Post-Breach Environment

On this show Steve sits down with Charlie McNerney, CISO of Expedia Group. The two talk about how to be a respectful leader and finding respectful leadership, the notion of trust, and how diagnosing a problem before treating it can be a good strategy.

Shared Responsibility

Charlie relays how important it is to convey that everyone shares the responsibility of risk. He also discusses the importance of recognizing how anyone can impact risk and how the security team needs to articulate this to the rest of the company. This episode also includes topics like:
  • Early retirement and intellectual income
  • Trust in a Company
  • The medical model for security
  • Competition and cooperation
  • Legacy in leadership

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