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The New CISO Podcast Episode 31: Lessons Learned from the “First CISO” Part 1″

On the first of a two-part conversation, Steve sits down with Steve Katz, unofficially the first person to hold the CISO title.

The two start off with some interesting anecdotes about what cybersecurity was like back in 1984, and continue onto how it’s evolved since then, and the challenges in bringing business leaders around to taking cybersecurity seriously.

The Early Days of Cybersecurity at JP Morgan

Steve first began working in cybersecurity at JPMorgan, then known as Morgan Guarantee. He recounts the attitude towards cybersecurity in the 80s, where many people didn’t really get the concept of what it would look like in practice. Imagine starting off and fighting even just to get folks to start using PC’s or Mac’s… yikes.

The two also touch on topics like:

  • How to go about building an active security community from scratch
  • Effectively explaining cybersecurity to others
  • Tips for board presentations
  • Unrealistic expectations placed on CISOs today

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