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The New CISO Podcast Episode 13: Unique Challenges, but Opportunities for Women in Cybersecurity

On this episode, Olivia Rose talks about the challenges women in security face, and how these can translate into unique opportunities.

Cybersecurity is a male-dominated field, and oftentimes an unforgiving environment in which to work. In this episode, we touch on the challenges women in security face, and how these translate into unique opportunities.

Marketing in relation to security

Marketing is all about getting a certain message to the right audience. A background in this field can be a great way to transition into other positions including the CISO. Being able to take a look at the bigger picture and then funnel that picture down to solve the problem at hand can be aided with a marketing approach.

Steve and Olivia also talk about:

  • Being the only woman in the room
  • Why women should be encouraged to pursue a career in security
  • Friendly advice to men in the workplace
  • Advice to women in the industry

More About Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose is the CISO at Mailchimp, with more than 16 years experience in security advising and consulting executives and C-Level clients. She’s held multiple leadership positions, including at IBM Internet Security Systems (ISS) and Solutionary (NTT); and founded QloudSecure, which helped companies like Costco and Google improve their security maturity programs.

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