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The New CISO Podcast Episode 1: Lessons Learned from a Virtual CISO

On our first episode of The New CISO podcast, Host Stephen Moore and Matt Klein share insights on teamwork, getting visibility at the executive level, and the right prep for effective board conversations when you’re not always ‘in the room’.

So, what is a Virtual CISO?

Think of it as a trusted advisor, an executive advisor, talking about strategic elements of your security program, even some technical elements, at a high to medium level. They are a trusted person to work with a company and make sure that they’re headed in the right direction. Also, they are that person to bounce concepts off of and to make sure they’re doing the right things as they’re building their information security program.

Steve and Matt’s conversation also touches on important aspects of leadership, some unique to virtual CISOs, but others that hit home for anyone growing into, or who finds themself in a position of authority.

These include:

  • Defining a bad CISO
  • Is the CISO role, in fact, impossible to measure successfully?
  • Interaction with the board
  • Leadership during times of crisis
  • Having a game plan
  • Executive presentation and vetting issues, and
  • The career path of a ‘new CISO’

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More About Matt Klein

Matt Klein is a virtual CISO and executive adviser for Optiv. He advises enterprises on how to transition through leadership changes, improve security and reduce risk, and identify areas of opportunity where information technology can help contribute value to the bottom line.

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