Case Study: MTI Ltd. - Exabeam

Advanced SIEM and User Behavior Analytics Gives MTI a Clearer View of Risk Posture

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MTI Ltd. experiences daily security improvements with Exabeam

The challenge

MTI Ltd. is a leading smartphone content provider that improves users’ daily life by delivering music, videos, and books on topics such as healthcare, fintech, daily-life information, and entertainment. The company wanted to strengthen its security measures and countermeasures to detect and manage all current and future environmental threats. External threats and internal fraud concerned the MTI team, which knew they needed a new Threat Detection, Investigation, and Response (TDIR) system based on swift and efficient behavior monitoring analysis.

The company’s security challenges centered around the inability to rapidly and efficiently monitor and analyze system user behavior and events. Their challenge started with handling event logs. These logs were kept for retrospective investigation rather than detection, and not managed centrally or analyzed for internal fraud. Previously, the company burned valuable time investigating acquired logs and matching them individually in an inefficient attempt to monitor network activity.

Like so many security teams today, MTI’s security team did not want to fly blind in effectively monitoring and analyzing system user behavior and activity. Also, they had not yet introduced a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) product, so the journey was a new experience. Keisuke Kawakami, a member of MTI’s infrastructure system division, explains their guiding thoughts: “We started to search for security solutions in certain business drivers to visualize threats such as targeted attacks or online fraud. We needed a system solution to help us efficiently perform monitoring analysis while speeding up our overall threat detection and response.”

The result: advanced behavior analytics for improved visibility

In August 2020, MTI introduced the Exabeam SIEM solution platform, and immediately began to see the positive impact of machine learning–backed analytics. Managing and analyzing multiple logs was no longer a challenge for the team. The Exabeam solution enabled the examination of user and terminal behavior by collating many subdetectable logs and performing correlation analysis with the aid of machine learning.

The Exabeam User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) function impressed MTI, showing superior ability to break down system user behavior to help identify threats from non-threats. According to MTI, the Advanced Analytics timeline feature tops competitor products, providing a unique visual guide about all user and device behaviors across company systems for unmatched risk visibility.

“The obvious benefits of advanced behavior monitoring analytics resulting in rapid threat detection and effective risk management may bring you in as a customer, but don’t be surprised by the continuing rewards of a committed partnership with Exabeam.”

Kawakami shares his thoughts on Exabeam’s lasting dedication to their customers’ needs, continuing, “Using Exabeam reminded me of how surprisingly fast the platform updates. There is an almost daily improvement on desired functions, and with Exabeam, it all keeps getting better.”


“Using Exabeam reminded me of how surprisingly fast the platform updates. There is an almost daily improvement on desired functions, and with Exabeam, it all keeps getting better.”

Keisuke Kawakami

MTI’s infrastructure system division

Key Benefits

  • Efficient log monitoring and analysis with the help of machine learning
  • Advanced Analytics timeline feature visualizes company-wide user and device behaviors for unmatched risk visibility
  • Analyzes user behavior to rapidly identify threats