The New CISO Podcast Episode 57: Knowing When It’s Time to Move Onto New Challenges - Exabeam

The New CISO Podcast Episode 57: Knowing When It’s Time to Move Onto New Challenges

On this episode, Steve sits down with Jerich Beason, CISO at Epiq Global. Jerich and Steve talk about leaving a job that already has a guaranteed path to the top, for a new role; how to approach personal brand building with an eye on the future, and talk to some shop too, highlighting the importance of an audit early on in your role as the New CISO.

Epiq CyberSide Chats

Besides, or rather, as an extension of his job, Jerich also hosts his own podcast, Epiq CyberSide Chats. CyberSide Chats is where professionals come to hear CISO and industry leader insights on the latest news and trends for cybersecurity and privacy professionals in the legal industry.

Jerich and Steve also talk about:

  • The three processes to strengthen your security operations right now
  • Building trust as the business’ first CISO
  • Fine-tuning your career trajectory early on
  • The benefits of shifting your professional networking away from the top

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More about Jerich Beason

Jerich Beason is a cybersecurity hobbyist turned professional who holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Cybersecurity. He has served in progressive roles at some of the most respected companies within the cybersecurity industry including Lockheed Martin, RSA and Deloitte where he was a trusted advisor to executives within the federal government and fortune 500 organizations. Jerich advised these companies on cybersecurity strategy, architecture and program development.

In his role as Deputy CISO at AECOM, he was responsible for security architecture, risk management, compliance, and the overall security strategy.

As a thought leader in cybersecurity, Jerich has been invited to sit on panels, speak at conferences and events and contribute to white papers and security articles. Jerich is currently the host of Epiq’s new podcast, Cyberside Chats which has the mission of increasing knowledge and awareness of cybersecurity within the legal industry

At Epiq, Jerich serves as Sr. Vice President and Chief Information Security officer where he leads the Global enterprise and Product Security organizations.

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