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The New CISO Podcast Episode 53: Four Key Elements of a Security Strategy

On this episode, Steve and Mark Ferguson, CISO at Bombardier, talk about why it’s important to identify your most valuable skills early on in your career,  the four key elements of his security strategy; and which business partners to bring together after you’ve suffered a major breach.

Building a Breach Response Plan

Having suffered an incident recently, Mark shares some of the misconceptions that posed a challenge initially, how a breach isn’t necessarily a cybersecurity problem and what his team learned about internal breach response as a result.

Mark and Steve also tackle topics like:

  • Six breach response tactics
  • Building a cybersecurity program and possible challenges
  • Involving other business units in cybersecurity
  • Tips for communicating around cybersecurity, with your customers

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More about Mark Ferguson

Executive leader, with 28 years’ experience in information and cybersecurity, IT, and risk management. Formerly Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Honeywell, a $100B multinational leader in technology and manufacturing. A strong leader experienced in understanding business requirements, developing the strategy and vision, and building teams capable of executing and delivering results.

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