Comparing Exabeam and Related Technologies


Security Information
and Event Management

If you like your SIEM, you can keep your SIEM…that said, existing SIEM products were built for a different time. They use proprietary log storage, charge by the byte, rely on static correlation rules, and cause your IR team more trouble than they save. Exabeam Advanced Analytics (UEBA) can improve detection via behavioral analytics, and the entire Exabeam Security Intelligence Platform replaces every outdated SIEM component with a modern one. Exabeam Data Lake is built on proven open source big data technology, is fast and scalable, and doesn’t charge by the byte. Exabeam Analytics detects modern threats that correlation rules miss. Exabeam Threat Hunter enables anyone in your SOC to proactively search for threats on the network. Finally, Exabeam Incident Responder supercharges your IR team with automated playbooks and security orchestration.

Your architecture has changed dramatically in the past decade; why are you using a SIEM that was built for a different time?


Data Loss Prevention

Exabeam improves your DLP system in two ways. First, it links DLP activity to other user activity, so that you can easily see both normal behavior and actions that might carry risk of data exfiltration. Second, Exabeam can reduce the noise from the DLP system itself by modeling that system’s behavior and indicating which DLP alerts are truly anomalous. Exabeam improves the operations and payback of your DLP investment.


Privileged Account

PAMs are useful but limited. Actual “privileged” access is far broader than the set of identified admins that work through a PAM system. Most organizations can’t even identify every user who has some form of privileged access. Exabeam provides a much broader view and can derive de facto privileged access based on behavior. If a PAM is in place, Exabeam can integrate its information with broader user activity.


Identity and Access

IAM systems provide context (roles, offices, etc.) and enforce access, but on their own cannot provide a complete picture of all user behavior and whether it’s risky or not. Exabeam integrates with all IAM systems and extends them to provide a complete view of all activity in your network.


Network Traffic Analysis

NTA products are often difficult to deploy: installing network taps is costly and slow. Exabeam integrates log, endpoint, and network data to provide a full picture of user and system behavior. Why limit your view to only packets?