This past year has been dubbed the year of Digital Disruption. The nightly news consistently reported on breaches of large retailers, financial institutions, and government agencies. These reports have brought home the scope and severity of the problem to the Executive Suite. Government Leaders are realizing the importance of implementing effective security and privacy practices, the need to plan for business continuity, the need for partnership between impacted organizations, the development of a risk management strategy and the training and education of all security related personnel.

This year’s Cyber Security event has expanded the partnerships to create a more holistic view of the issues while continuing to promote awareness and deliver an educational curriculum that will return attendees to their organizations better equipped to take action and be more effective in the following areas:

  • Convergence of Incident Management and Emergency Management: Working Together When an Attack Becomes a Cyber Emergency
  • Information Sharing and Collaboration: Connecting the Dots to Reveal the Larger Picture
  • Security and Privacy Leadership: Informed Risk-based Decision Making and Investment
  • Risk Management: Prevention through continuous Risk Analysis and Assessment
  • Building Security In: Intelligent Security Design, Development and Acquisition
  • Business Continuity and Technology Recovery Planning: Crisis Communication and Consequence Management
  • Privacy: Protecting Privacy in the Internet of Everything

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