What’s On the Camp Roster?
Bringing business to the woods, Camp Secure Sense offers you loads of meaningful networking time, the latest on turnkey technologies, thought-provoking conversation with industry leaders and valuable data to bring back to your internal team (all while enjoying a s’more or two by the fire.)
Why Teams Sign Up for Camp Year After Year?
We believe in education and the power of people. Camp Secure Sense enables you to develop new security practices and gain insight on the latest trends via effective demos, open discussions and peer networking. We want you to leave Camp with the knowledge of the industry’s best solutions, all while being inspired to better your company’s stance on security. You can also imagine the future of IT for yourself.
See You On Camp Day
When you come to camp, don’t expect a stuffy corporate show. The nature of our event is, well, nature. Positioned amongst picturesque hectares of forest and wildlife, we want to take the pressure off of the day to day grind while helping you improve your company’s security posture. What could be better?