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Detect, Identify, and Remediate Ransomware

Highlighting 3 challenges and 4 capabilities to help you stay on top of your game

According to Verizon’s 2021 DBIR report, incidents of successful ransomware attacks doubled from 2020, making up 10% of all attacks publicly reported. Attackers continue to deploy ransomware because it returns a profit. And there’s little doubt that ransomware will continue to be an attack vector by malicious actors.

It’s important to choose security tools that can automate and tie information together for security teams to effectively identify and combat this threat. Exabeam helps security teams outsmart adversaries committing ransomware attacks with the support of signatures/IoC, behavioral analytics, automation, and purpose-built content across the full analyst workflow, from detection to response.

Download this guide to learn more about the challenges ransomware poses and the capabilities Exabeam offers to detect, investigate, and respond to this type of threat.

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