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5 Ways Exabeam Helps Eliminate Compromised Credential Blindspots

Credential-based attacks are a persistent and costly problem for many organizations.

Compromised or stolen credentials are the most common initial cyberattack vector, averaging a cost of $4.5 million to organizations.

No matter their means of entry — brute force or dictionary attacks, credential stuffing, identifying misconfigured cloud resources, or phishing — credential-based attacks are focused on just one thing: getting to your organization’s most valuable data assets.

Credential-based attacks will continue, but with the powerful combination of behavioral analytics and automated investigation, your security team can see when a user or entity is operating outside of their normal pattern of behavior, indicating that a potential attack is underway. With the field-proven capabilities and approach outlined in this guide, your team has a fighting chance to identify these attacks early and mitigate threats before they can cause significant damage to your organization.

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