The History of Cybersecurity 2019 Calendar

As security practitioners and history buffs, we’re intrigued by the history of cybersecurity. So much so, we built a calendar around it this year. Each month of the History of Cybersecurity 2019 Calendar features a significant date in cybersecurity history, along with a related trivia question and other notable dates in that month.

Speaking of trivia, test your own knowledge of cybersecurity history. See if you can answer the questions below—then learn more about these historical cybersecurity events on our blog.

If you think we missed an important date in the calendar (or got something wrong – we hope not!), let us know. Share your feedback with us on Twitter! And if the calendar has you inspired to get on OUR calendar, request a demo. We’ll show you how Exabeam’s SIEM can help your organization identify many of the threats featured in the calendar.

January 2019 Trivia

Q: What is the name of the group responsible for Operation Aurora?
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A. The Elderwood Gang -- aka the Elderwood Group -- a Chinese cyber espionage group suspected to have ties to the People’s Liberation Army. Learn More

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