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Exabeam User and Entity Behavior Analytics Solution Certified with HP ArcSight

Introduction: Today we are excited to add HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Management to our list of supported SIEM solutions. ArcSight customers can now use Exabeam user behavior analytics to rapidly detect attacks that have evaded traditional signature and rule-based security solutions and accelerate incident response. So what does this mean for ArcSight customers? This certification enables ArcSight customers to enhance their existing investment and infrastructure by leveraging machine learning and data analytics to find compromised[…]

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A Day in the Life of an Exabeamer

Life in any start-up is bound to be wildly different one day to the next. The things you thought were important in the morning are obsolete by lunch. You’ve gone from editing a data sheet to writing new parsers to designing a product feature in the space of four hours. At Exabeam, however, there are two constants from day to day – energy, and the ceaseless grinding of the espresso machine that is the soundtrack[…]

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