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The World Has Changed; Shouldn’t Your Security Change, Too?

From day one, Exabeam had a vision for something better than today’s SIEM solutions. We felt these products were fundamentally broken: SIEM log management was built on old, proprietary technology and was (over)priced by the byte; SIEM correlation rules were a mess and ineffective, and they caused more work for analysts than they eliminated. SIEM was broken and the opportunity to make something massively better was clear. Our first step was to win the UEBA[…]

Topics: CUSTOMERS, data science, SECURITY

Exabeam: Get User Behavior Intelligence in 2015

EXABEAM IS AVAILABLE! For every company, the first general availability (GA) release – Exabeam version 1.6 in our case – is a major milestone. The software is enterprise-ready, scales to monitor over 150,000 users with a single appliance, and it just plain works out-of-the-box. Exabeam enables organizations to realize the promise of their existing security information and event management (SIEM) deployments by applying user behavior intelligence to identify the attacker who evades detection from initial point-of-compromise[…]


Welcome to Exabeam!

Welcome to the first Exabeam blog post: You may be asking, “Why is this a big deal? Most websites have a blog section.” Hold it, not so fast; ours didn’t. But rather than create another generic cyber-security blog, we wanted to give readers the opportunity to open a channel of communication with a bunch of very smart people from the SIEM, log management, and cybersecurity professions. We understand the serious problems businesses face from attackers who[…]