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Finding a Security Unicorn

A recent post on is unlikely to surprise anyone who’s been paying attention to the cybersecurity job market. According to a new Cybersecurity Ventures report, the unemployment rate for cybersecurity jobs is currently zero. On average, there are two open jobs available for every candidate, with over 1 million open IT security positions. Companies are making it worse by trying to hire security unicorns: analysts with skillsets so broad that no person has them[…]

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Introducing Exabeam Threat Hunter

Today we announced the availability of Exabeam Threat Hunter, a new product that raises the bar for the UBA market. While UBA is focused on using data science to notify an analyst about users who deserve attention, Threat Hunter completes the picture by giving an analyst the ability to query, pivot, and drill down into user sessions that match any combination of attributes and activities. In short, if UBA is about the machine telling the analyst[…]

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Exabeam as a Service?

As an independent software vendor, Exabeam is focused on building the best security intelligence platform in the world. Whether a customer buys a physical or virtual appliance from us, we are completely focused on building and delivering the best product for understanding user behavior and detecting and responding to threats. However, some organizations are looking for a broader solution for their security operations centers (SOCs), and they ask if Exabeam can be purchased as a[…]


It's Better to See in 3D: Announcing the 3D Technology Partner Program

One of the strengths of Exabeam is how quickly customers are able to see value after racking the appliance. We’ve found that it’s possible to get very strong signals of stolen credentials and insider threats using very common access data, such as the VPN and domain controller logs the customers already collect. The availability of this data and the elegance of our UI gets you to value very quickly. After this stage, many customers begin[…]