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Exabeam Annual Cybersecurity Salary Survey Identifies Persistent Gaps with Gender and Diversity, Challenges with Work-life Balance

However, nearly half of professionals have worked in cybersecurity for more than 10 years, and 76 percent feel secure in their roles   SAN MATEO, Calif., Oct. 24, 2019 – Exabeam, the Smarter SIEM™ company, today released the Exabeam 2019 Cybersecurity Professionals Salary, Skills and Stress Survey, based on a global survey of 479 security professionals completed in September 2019. The purpose was to gain insight on trends in the salaries of security professionals, as[...]

How a Threat Intelligence Platform Can Help You

The rise of advanced persistent threats (APTs) and the large volumes of data involved in threat detection are making the job of security analysts harder every day. The work of an information security engineer often involves sifting manually through hundreds of security alerts to find real threats. The huge amounts of data collected by any given organization nowadays make it almost impossible for usually, understaffed security teams to keep on top of threats. While security[...]

How RSA and the Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange Became the Most Popular Cryptosystems

You may take it for granted, but almost everything you do online is secure, thanks in large part to an algorithm known as RSA. The acronym is short for Rivest-Shamir-Adleman, which are the last names of the three young inventors who came up with the concept in 1977 at MIT. Ron Rivest, Adi Shamir and Leonard Adleman based their discovery on the work of 18th-century Swiss mathematician Leonard Euler. But Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman weren’t[...]

How UEBA Enhances Threat Detection in Financial Institutions

Threat detection in financial institutions has a unique set of challenges. These are often a result of mandates in the industry or legacy systems and processes. We recently wrote about how to prevent SWIFT fraud and will examine three unique financial sector use cases in a following post. This post is a quick refresher on threat detection and user and entity behavior and how they are linked. In the old days, everything was simple. You[...]

Staffing, Budget Among Top Challenges SOCs Face in 2019 [infographic]

For security operations centers (SOCs) that are often in the frontline of business innovation and security, issues like budgeting and staffing are always at the top of the list. But the nature of those challenges can vary from one year to the next. Exabeam helps organizations gauge the temperature of the industry each year through its annual State of the SOC Report, which identifies the various factors that contribute to a successful SOC. This year,[...]

What’s In a Good Story? Context, Plot and Discovery

Who doesn’t love a great story?  Whether it’s told on screen, in a book or around a campfire, nothing fires up the imagination better.  The other side of that coin, unfortunately, can be a bad story – a rambling, pointless, frustrating mess that ends up going nowhere, causing us to walk away confused and unsatisfied. Welcome to the job of a SOC analyst…. Hundreds, maybe thousands of tales begin daily from the many different security[...]

Exabeam’s Annual Look at Security Operations Centers Reveals a Critical Shift in Responsibilities

As C-level executives engage more frequently in incident response and threat hunting, more IT professionals are missing security events and alerts due to poor legacy app integrations   LONDON and SAN MATEO, Calif., June 6, 2019 – Today, Exabeam, the Smarter SIEM™ company, released its annual ‘State of the SOC’ report, identifying shifting roles and responsibilities as one of the most pressing challenges for security operations center (SOC) managers. As an example of this shift,[...]

Exabeam Recognized as a Best Place to Work in the Bay Area for Second Consecutive Year

SAN MATEO, Calif., April 19, 2019 – Exabeam, the Smarter SIEM™ company, today announced that it has been recognized as a winner of the 2019 Bay Area Best Places to Work, an awards program presented by the San Francisco Business Times and the Silicon Valley Business Journal. This is the second consecutive year that Exabeam has made this list. Select employers from the Bay Area were named winners of the awards program, held on April[...]

6 Key Things to Do When Building a Modern SOC

Building a modern security operations center (SOC) is much more than assembling the latest equipment and then hiring a team of analysts. It’s an ongoing effort to stay on top of threats, be current with emerging technology and trends, and hire and keep the right talent. At Exabeam’s Spotlight18 user conference, Stephen Moore, Exabeam Chief Security Strategist, led the panel discussion, “Building a Modern SOC” with SOC leaders from a number of high-profile enterprises.  Click[...]

Exabeam’s Top Cybersecurity Blog Posts of 2018

2018 was a memorable year for cybersecurity. Millions of people were impacted as we saw more companies hit by megabreaches—from a major hotel chain to a social media platform used by billions. And it was certainly a topic in the news, as organizations strategized about how to improve their security and governments considered regulations like GDPR for greater data privacy protections. Reviewing all of Exabeam’s coverage, these are our top 10 blog posts that had[...]

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